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Gun Violence in America: Terrorists, Criminals, and the Mentally Deranged

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A gun is a very powerful piece of machinery that can impact a person’s life in just milliseconds. In the wrong hands, a gun could negatively impact many. If a person is not mature enough to handle a gun, they are likely to make poor decisions with the weapon and underestimate their abilities or the abilities of the gun. On the other hand, a person may know exactly how powerful a gun is. Some may use this tool for good while others use it for bad. They may intentionally create havoc with the weapon in an attempt to advance him or her self in one-way or another. When used in an unlawful way to intentionally harm others, it is considered gun violence. Gun violence is on the rise amongst children and adolescents and many seem to be stumped as to why. There are a few common ideas as to what drives adolescents towards gun violence. Some of these include the desire for power, imitation, being under the influence, depression or other mental illness.
According to the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia, “a gun is a weapon consisting essentially of a metal tube from which a missile or projectile is shot by the force of exploding gunpowder or some other propellant (Merriam-Webster).” Using this weapon in a violent sense has become extremely prevalent in America. While gun violence can occur in many age groups, more recently there seems to be an increase in gun violence amongst teens. Many teens believe that holding a gun put them in a power position, and in that aspect, they are right.
For some adolescents, this may be their driving force for their desire to hold a gun and eventually use it. While not everyone believes that to be true, there is obviously a reason that guns have such a high level of importance. “The importance of g...

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